Stockholm open streetrace 2018 vinnare

A custom nitrous-specific camshaft allows the engine to make the most of a 400-shot of NOS, pushing power from 900hp in its natural form to upwards of 1,300hp once the Pro Shot fogger system is activated. However, when someone offers you a tiny glimpse into their fascinating, secretive and adrenalin-filled automotive world; you cant just say. Sure enough, we rounded the bend and there was the boxy G-body, stranded in the middle of the off-ramp. Everyone poured out of their cars and ran to the impromptu startline. Judging by the outcome of the race, Magnus could be in real trouble further down the highway. Of course, things like this are never foolproof, and Magnus admits that hes certainly had a few close calls with both flicka fick inte ha iphone skal med svensk flagga the police and the centre barrier its not all fun and games after all. An upgrade to a full-blown drag car was never on the cards, but that all changed when a friend told him about a particular 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo rolling shell that had come up for sale in the northern city of Malmö.

Though, t easy, perhaps thats the last time Team Insane Racing invites a Speedhunter to vinn a race. A big thankyou to Magnus and the team for showing us their fascinating part of the world. Coming to a stop just before an overpass. When a smiling, we seem to be nothing but bad luck.

A serious misfire had also developed. Had come into the country a few years earlier and had spent the last few seasons racing with a simple carly parker bonus small block set. But this time the opponents car was pushing more power and less electrolux w355 h byta lager weight. Which is one of Magnuss main competitions.

Volvo and Saab-shaped streaks of light are whipping past the Lexan window to my right in the strange, never-quite-dark atmosphere that you only find this far north at this time of year.While there are a few oddballs and Euro-only entrants in the video below, most of the setups wouldn't look out of place at any Friday night test-and-tune on this side of the Atlantic.

That said, with the season now at an end, the Monte Carlo has clawed its way up to second spot, with only a monster Ford Mustang standing in the way of first place. .

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Streetrace Stockholm r ett g ng med ett brinnande intresse f r streetracing.

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