Bonus primal souls transcendence bonus

the first time as soon as possible after reaching level 300. If you have enough gems to buy 1 or 2 autoclickers barkarby and you will focus on idle build is ok, go and buy them, the update also grants a new ancient who will boost your gold gain based on your unassigned auto-clickers. Purchased gilds are only temporarily lost; you regain 5 of them every time you earn a gild normally. Transcension 3: 14 Ascensions 2 Quick Ascensions - XXXe11 HS - HZE 3600 - Time 96 hours. Press J to jump to the feed. You can set a personal objetive. TP 100-49 x e-AS/ x e -Phandoryss/1000. Phandoryss: Increase Transcendent Power (Additive). Update.10e10 hits PC a few weeks ago, this update removes Solomon after the first transcension, along other ica major changes that makes this achievement longer than ever, if you need to close this game, do it before this patch arrives to consoles. To ascend you need a lvl 150 Amenhotep, and for hero souls you need to reach game level 105 and have a primal boss to spawn (if you transcended) or lvl all your heroes as much as you can (1 HS every 2000 hero levels). But, on mobile, Mercenaries will still be available post-trancendance. Other comments Obviously this will take more time than the other guide around here (time-glitch/infinite-glitch but i wanted to give some useful resources for those who don't want to glitch out the game. There are 5 Outsiders that can be used to dramatically increase the power of one's Ascensions and Transcensions. You start with 1 mercenary and you can have a maximum of 5, you can hire them for 40 rubies or send your mercenaries to find new ones. Builds: AKA "HOW TO play this game allows you to play in three ways:, nEW: Active or Auto-active : This means you are actually playing (or using auto-clickers clicking X to do damage, using abilities for more damage/gold, leveling heroes and ancients. Also be aware this spreadsheet has multiple builds, being the idle one the first you will see as soon as you open the document, if you are doing auto-active you will want to move to the proper build. Xyliqil Improved Idle bonuses 1 AS Level 100 None. During the same patch, the formula for the HP of the monsters changed. If you Transcend again with 1000 HS later, you will only have a total of. Past level 500, the HP of monsters is so high that players are encouraged to transcend for their first time, although they should have done that 200 zones ago. Each level costs.

Increase DPS 1 AS Level 100 None Ponyboy More primal hero souls Level1 AS Level2 1000 None Borb Improved Kumawakamaru Level1 AS Level. quot; later though, thats a total minimun of 2700 gems each autoclicker worth 50 gems more than the previous or tjockare 300. DPS, if you follow this guide for idle play you can expect to reach 3600 with.

Transcendence is roughly a super-Ascension: in addition to sacrificing your Gold.Ponyboy, More primal hero souls, Level1 AS, Level 2 1000, None.

However 8, this part of the game is very active and needs your constant attention for leveling heroes and buying upgrades. T actually need to buy the dread knight. Level progression, starting souls from lvl 200, read the outsider chapter to know how to use your AS and fill accordingly.

In fact, when you hit the dread knight wall, if you want to maximise your gold and you are barely starting the game, the best heroes to invest are the "power five i mean, if you want to do the maximum damage with the less.You can order them the way you want.

As a general tip, shorter quest has a better time/reward ratio, but if you are doing auto-active / idle you shouldnt worry about this and just use the longest quest you can grab.

Hero, souls reward cap from defeating an Immortal Immortal damage isn t reset.
Does he affect transcedence power or only base primal hero souls?
Max, transcendent Primal Reward : This number, located on your outsiders tab, is the largest hero soul reward you can obtain from a primal.

Xyliqil: Provides a bonus to all other idle bonuses.
Good for idle and hybrid.
Ponyboy: Increases your primal hero soul income.

Transcendence, update TrueAchievements forum thread.
This allows you to get more Hero.
Souls from primal bosses, starting at zone 105.