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taking objectives. You wont do any damage but will still draw minion aggro. Attacking the enemy will draw minion aggro onto you (the enemy minions will start attacking you instead of your minions). Upon reaching the target she jumps off and lands near her maximum attack range away from the target. Don't stay in lane! If you feel confident in dodging his Qs, you can camp the bushes and zone him off the wave by going for trades when he tries. The passive shield scales with bonus MR, so Maw goes well with Mercurial Scimitar. Not one game will be the same as another and therefore your actions will also differ. Warrior is the best choice. Next, use Vault and for the third time proc Harrier. This way you cannot get damage off yourself and will lose control of the lane. Fleet Footwork may also be a good option against Olaf. This is where wave manipulation comes in; you want to keep the wave on your side of the lane if you intend to stay in lane. You should have taken down several towers and dragons, maybe even a Baron. However, this means he wont have the additional slow from W or the reduced CD on E to pressure you. He could use the movement speed from killing a minion to get on top of you. Mission progress is only logged at the end of a match; you will not make any progress if you leave early. If you are ica on blue side and get pushed in beware of his Shock Blast s from the river bush if you dont have vision. The MS and AS steroid you get from proccing Harrier is excellent, giving you extra DPS and allowing you to kite or chase effectively. It is essential that you land your Q in team-fights, as it is the only ability that also benefits your team (apart from W, but that isn't a combat ability). Then, you will know his aggression radius and will be able to bait out his combos by taking a step back at the right moment. IE also offers online a lot of AD to further boost your damage. Try to stay at max range so as not to get hit by his AoE abilities or be in range of his. Invisible text invisible text GA Build The GA Build provides you with less sustained damage than the Crit Build but still more than the Burst Build. His main burst source is his Hextech Micro-Rockets. Whilst GA is better for teamfights where your teammates can help protect you as you revive, DMP is better if you will be often solo (and so GA's passive won't be as helpful). Renekton needs all 3 of his abilities to pose a threat to you. For the second tree you can either go for the scaling ( Perfect Timing / Magical Footwear ) or for safety with Iron Skin and either Revitalize or Second Wind. Boots of Swiftness are better than Mercury's Treads to deal with the slow from Wither (Mercs simply reduce the time it takes to get to max slow). This means it not only benefits you, but also your entire team! Matchups invisible text Below you will find matchups for Quinn. Well, I am the person who collects all the data from the community and then puts it all into writing here! However, you are also at risk of Baron being stolen from you, so always try to take it when the enemy is defending or dead.

This also prevents him from getting a bigger Iron Man shield. Spinning Slash, gets its cooldown reduced whenever he critically strikes. Nearsight removes allied vision cs go weekly xp bonus and reduces their vision radius to 300 for. There are lots of different items and builds for Quinn that can be successful.

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This makes it easy to trade with him and set up an early freeze his Q is AoE and will slow push the wave. T dodge his W while you are locked in your auto attack animation. Forcing you to use Vault, now available to all CS, quinn plays out similar to an ADC. Alternatively, stats and passive from lottery one item. But sometimes Vault ing first is necessary for example there is a huge minion wave in the way and if you tried going around. Generally this is not a good idea. Because it doesnapos, itapos, this guide reflects the collective opinions of everyone from the community.

For your boots take Berserker's Greaves, although other boots may be taken.Vault also flips the target around by 180 degrees.Be careful when trying to get rid of barrels.

Dont get too cocky if you manage to get a kill or two early.

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