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as 479.90. Either way, you're wondering mycket whether you should import a hot new PlayStation Vita handheld gaming system from Japan, and you've probably got some questions about how to. Mind you, a little bit of Japanese wouldn't hurt if you're planning to visit the Japanese digital download store or purchase certain games, but. What's more, the AT T-exclusive US 3G variant to be locked to the carrier come February, but Sony's publicly stated that the European model (which comes with a Vodafone SIM) will not be locked to a particular network. Again, the US and European versions of the PlayStation Store aren't open for business quite yet, but once they are, your Vita should be fine with the wholly English networks. Why would I want to buy one from Japan? When it arrives in the US, a standard PlayStation Vita will cost 249.99, but importers are charging nearly double for the system. What games can I get? Here, watch this handy video. There's the rub: if you want your Vita early, be prepared to pay through the nose. You can find the 4GB memory card for as low as 35, but expect to pay up to 60 for an 8GB chip (or 90 for 16GB) to cover your bases. It's up to you: if you wait until February 22nd, 2012, you can find one at your local retailer in the US, UK, or Canada, and it'll go on sale in Australia and New Zealand the day after. Trust us, we've had those same thoughts. There's no UMD slot on the PS Vita to take your discs, of course, but even if you've already downloaded games using a US or European PSN account, you won't be able to transfer those games until Sony opens up the US and European PlayStation. You should be able put US game cards into your Japanese system (or Japanese cards into a UK system, or HK cards into a US system.) and everything should work just fine. That doesn't mean you'll lose your purchases, which are tied to your PSN account, nor your savegames, which you can keep hur on a memory card and back up to a PS3. Gravity Rush, one of the best-looking games we've seen for the Vita, will be only be available to download from PSN in the UK, and if that's where you reside and what you want, you may need a larger memory card. Do I have to know how to read Japanese? Yes, and that's the best part. According to Sony, the PlayStation Vita's game cards have no region lock.

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Or perhaps yours and a friendapos. The standard unit includes WiFi, i heard you mobila kuponger can only have one PSN account per Vita. Sony just confirmed that, s hard to say, t happen until the Vita launches in those territories. Re hearing some interesting reports, this is how itapos, but thereapos. How do I charge up the battery. We donapos, if you want ica basic snabbkaffe innehåll to switch between two accounts say. S you will have to factory reset and reformat the Vita hardware.

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Perhaps you just love gaming.

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Less than a year, Vita gamers can only either buy digital games or import.

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