Saintpaulia plantagen

it is desirable to keep the foliage dry. A good growing medium should contain 50 percent medium, 25 percent air and 25 percent water. A light shaded place is also welcome. A good soilless mix is made up of 3 parts sphagnum peat moss, 2 parts vermiculite and 1 part perlite, with some lime added to balance the acidity of the peat moss. Dip the cut end in water, then dip it in rooting hormone powder. Growing Conditions, light: Bright, but not direct sunlight. Bicolored flowers and those with a contrasting border are popular. A fertilizer must not be given.

Water, sitting in water will cause rot. Itapos, leaf, adult plants occasionally produce small plantlets or shoots from how many netflix streams at once the side. Allow to moderately dry between the waterings. Propagation, african violets are available in single and double flowers. Soil, with good air circulation will help prevent.

Do not mist because the water can plantagen damage leaves. Keep the cutting out of direct sunlight. After about 6 months they can be treated like the mother plant. African violet pots should be about half as wide as the plant. Donapos, which can lead to root or crown rot. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Water from either the top or bottom. Otherwise the leaves will become green.

Family: Gesneriaceae, native Range: Tanzania, zone: 11 to 12, height:.50.75 feet.

Blommornas karaktär och stil är närmast oändlig så det finns alltid någon som passar hos dig.
Velutina The genus is most closely related to Streptocarpus, with recent phylogenetic studies suggesting it has evolved directly from subgenus Streptocarpella.

Klassinen, helposti kasvatettava kasvi, jolla on paksut, sametinpehmeät lehdet ja somat, lilat kukat.
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Varieties and types: Saintpaulia is a genus comprising of approximately 20 species and subspecies, and many varietes.
There are a fair few types including standard, trailers, miniatures, and chimeras (a basic way to put them into a category).